The Root of All Sickness and Disease

Spiritual Cause, Physical Effect

Every disease and every sickness known to man, has its cause in the spiritual realm. Everything has a cause and an effect, but if the cause is invisible, we often look for a cause that we can see. We say certain things cause certain things. They say smoking causes cancer, for example, but we also have many people that are not smokers, but still seem to get the same cancer. We also have people who smoke regularly, and never get cancer. What then do we say to these things?

Here’s how I see it. It’s not the smoking that brings the cancer. It’s “why” they are smoking that brings the cancer. I believe that people who have never smoked, and have or had cancer, share the same root cause of those who smoked and had or have cancer. I also believe that if the CDC decided to teamed up with PH.D’s in psychology who understand and study emotions, feelings, thoughts, and imaginations, and how they lead to sickness and disease, we will get to the root cause of all sickness and disease.

Thoughts are energy. If this energy is stored in the body and not released, the body is affected by it. This energy is released simply by talking. Thoughts that are good produce good energy, and if stored in the body and not released, the body heals. Thoughts that are not good produce bad or negative energy, and if not released, the body breaks down. This includes stress, worry, anxiety, fear and all other alike energies. Holding on to any of these does damage to the body and manifests in a variety of ways.

The joining forces of the CDC and those who specialize in psychology, would draw the connecting bridge between which emotion is linked to what disease for example. Simply looking for the root cause of an invisible disease to be something that we physically see or do is misleading and ignorant at best.

Every disease and sickness has its root cause in the same realm as the disease and sickness itself. I am ready and willing to work with anyone who is ready to start the healing and find the cure for sickness and disease.

We can remove all sickness and disease from the Earth if we get to the root cause of them all, which happens to be in the spiritual realm.

Who’s with me?!


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